Industrial Workers of the World

Nga Kaimahi Ahumahi o te Ao

Who is the IWW for?

  • All workers in Aotearoa New Zealand, regardless of occupation, industry, or employment status
  • Those who believe in collective action, solidarity, and challenging oppressive labor practices
  • We are for individuals who seek to build a more just and equitable society through grassroots organizing and direct action


Radical Approach

The IWW’s radical approach challenges power structures and promotes revolutionary unionism, making it a suitable platform for workers seeking transformative labor activism.

Inclusive Membership

The IWW strives for inclusive membership, uniting workers across all occupations and industries. This fosters solidarity, collective power, and a sense of community among diverse groups of workers.

Direct Action Orientation

The IWW prioritizes direct action to achieve workers’ goals, encouraging strikes, occupations, and collective action. This approach applies pressure on employers and can yield tangible results in asserting rights.

Grassroots Democracy

The IWW embraces grassroots democracy, giving decision-making power to workers instead of centralized leadership. This fosters active member participation, ownership, and engagement in shaping union policies and actions.

Solidarity and Support

Joining the IWW offers workers a supportive network of dedicated members. The emphasis on solidarity fosters practical assistance, advice, and support during labor disputes or organizing endeavors.


The IWW emphasizes global solidarity, recognizing the interconnectedness of labor struggles and the power of international cooperation in challenging transnational exploitation and inequality.

Inclusive and Anti-Discrimination

The IWW opposes discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, and identity, creating an inclusive and equitable environment. Workers joining the IWW become part of a union dedicated to fighting all forms of oppression.

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In 5 Easy Steps


Learn about the IWW

Familiarize yourself with the principles and goals of the IWW, including its focus on solidarity, direct action, and grassroots democracy. Explore our website, read and engage with our resources, and get in touch if you have any further questions.


Attend meetings and events

Join us at our meetings, workshops, and events to connect with like-minded individuals and learn more about ongoing campaigns and organizing efforts. Check our website or social media platforms for updates on upcoming activities.


Become a member

Consider becoming a member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Branch of the IWW. Membership provides you with opportunities for active participation, decision-making, and access to further resources and support within the union. Reach out to us to learn more about the membership process.


Volunteer and contribute

Offer your skills, time, and energy to support the union’s activities. Volunteer for organizing initiatives, assist with outreach efforts, contribute to publications, or offer your expertise in areas such as graphic design, legal support, or event coordination.


Spread the word

Help raise awareness about the IWW and its work. Share information through social media, talk to friends and colleagues about the benefits of joining a union, and invite others to attend meetings or events. By spreading the word, you can help grow our collective strength and impact.

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